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Rawabi Haytak, a joint venture company between Rawabi Holding and Haytak FZE, is a provider of starch and starch derivatives to the Oil & Gas industry in Saudi Arabia.


Traditional starch modification processes have been replaced with modern computerized extrusion technologies resulting in high quality products, allowing for greater flexibility, consistency and variety. The proprietary system is designed to be able to adapt to all types of starches and product requirements, as per customer need.


Rawabi Haytak offers the following products:

  • API Drilling Starch
  • High Temperature Drilling Starch
    • Cellulose Based Polymers
    • Polyanionic Cellulose
  • Carboxymethyl Cellulose
  • Drilling Foam
  • Viscosifiers
  • Cementing Additives
  • Specialty Chemicals


About Haytak FZE

Haytak FZE is a privately owned company with over 30 years of accumulated knowhow in extrusion manufacturing and product development gained in Germany and the US. Haytak FZE established the first and largest drilling starch manufacturing facility in 2003 in the Middle East, specifically for supplying to the Oil and Gas Industry.


Haytak FZE has four manufacturing/distribution facilities in the Middle East and Europe. These facilities house advanced manufacturing equipment ranging from compounding/blending to polymer extrusion.


Haytak FZE has highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians who are dedicated to producing quality products at all times. Haytak FZE's R&D has developed extensive propriety processes and holds over two international patents. Our fully equipped Quality Control labs are staffed by technicians who continuously test incoming and outgoing materials according to specifications.




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P.O. Box 79800, Al Khobar 31952

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