Rawabi Archer

Rawabi Archer

Rawabi Archer Co. Ltd., a Saudi-based joint venture between Rawabi Holding and Archer Limited, is an oilfield service provider specializing in drilling and well services used in offshore and onshore drilling, completion and workover applications.


Traditionally, Rawabi Archer provides equipment, tools and drill pipe rentals for drilling applications in oil and gas fields and is now extending its capabilities with new technology aimed at improving completion efficiency and well integrity.


Amongst its new offerings is the X-it™ single-trip casing exit system. X-it's unique multiramp whipstock geometry and fourth generation mill provide a step change in sidetrack drilling performance and ensure that sidetracks are delivered efficiently, reliably and with far greater accuracy than alternative systems.


Additional technologies include Archer's class-leading Cflex™ multistage cementing system designed to improve cementing performance and annulus integrity; and the LOCK® series—a range of V0-rated gas-tight plugs designed to offer absolute protection during well suspension operations.


Overall, Rawabi Archer provides customers with services and expertise aimed at helping them to deliver better wells.



About Archer

Archer was established in 2011 but through its many acquired companies has a respected heritage in oil services that stretches back over 40 years.


Archer's main offerings are focused in the critical oil service domains of well integrity, well intervention, unconventionals and production drilling. The company leverages its technology and expertise in these areas to achieve its mission of helping operators to deliver better wells—these are wells that produce hydrocarbons safely and profitably, without harming people or the environment.


The company employs over 8,300 personnel through 118 global locations, with key regional bases in the North Sea, Middle East, Asia, North and Latin America.


Archer is publicly traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker ARCHER.




Kevin Orlandi

Kévin Orlandi

General Manager


  • Tubular Rentals
  • Casing Exit Systems
  • Gas-Tight Well Suspension
  • Multistage Cementing Technology
  • Wellbore Cleanup Tools
  • Fishing
  • Plug and Abandonment Tools


Contact Information


P.O. Box 30613, Al Khobar 31952

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 13 865 7055

Fax: +966 13 865 5785



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P.O. Box 79800, Al Khobar 31952

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 013 824 9205

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