What We Stand For

What We Stand For

As a company that aims to advance the world we live in, Rawabi Holding firmly believes that what we aspire to, how we operate and the way in which we behave have clear implications for our business performance and our success.


Realizing our vision, achieving our mission and delivering our values are the continuous goals of everyone who works at our company.



To be a leading global provider of products and services to a diversified range of key industries, and by doing so, to contribute to the economic development and quality of life in the countries where we operate.



We will achieve our vision through organic development and strategic partnerships, with
a long-term commitment to provide:


  • Strong technical expertise
  • Superior quality products and services
  • A solid network of business relationships
  • A rewarding and professional work environment



In all we do, we will uphold our core values:


  • Integrity
  • Customer Focus
  • Professionalism
  • People Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


Rawabi Holding Code of Ethics

We are collectively accountable for our actions.

We act transparently.

We abide by ethical practices and avoid fraudulent activity.

We respect our stakeholder needs.

We comply with national and international standards.

We respect privacy.

We contribute to professional development in an equal and non-discriminatory approach.

We promote a work environment conducive to professional development.

We contribute to the sustainable development of our stakeholders.


Rawabi Holding Code of Conduct

As employees of Rawabi Holding, we strive to accomplish our company vision and mission by upholding our core values.  We share a mutual responsibility with the company to achieve our goals through our commitment to achieving the statements set forth below:


As members of Rawabi Holding, we are collectively responsible for the impacts of our actions, positive and negative, on society, the economy and the environment, to perform in the best way possible. read more...